Thank you to Good Friends

Phyllis Womble contacted us and offered to donate her husband's vintage pickup truck with this note: 

"Bob loved animals more than people. He fed every stray that came in our yard over a 30-year period. If it weren't for his health, he would have had "Stray Acres" or "Green Acres" himself. We've had cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, anything with four legs. Nothing went hungry around here, even raccoons and possums included. In 2004, Bob had open-heart surgery and a pig valve was used to replace his damaged one, he never ate pork again. His heart gave out in 2013 at 76 years of age. Now he's a keeper of all the precious animals we've lost over the years. He would be proud to help out Steve and Crystal's critters."

I never had the honor of meeting Bob, but I've heard wonderful stories about him and his love of animals. I love Phyllis dearly. She has a huge heart and I just love spending time with her. Steve and I would like to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for the donation of the pickup. Not only will it survive on,as the man who has it now will be restoring it, but my admiration for her has increased so much. I hope to meet Bob someday in the hereafter and we can hang with our critters together. I hope he has been able to meet some of the animals that we've lost and watched over them because I feel certain they are being well cared for. ~ Crystal, Stray Acres